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The Measures – Keeping your workforce connected

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by Jon Rahe, Senior Mgr -Procurement & Program Office

Today’s employees are working all hours of the day and night. It’s not uncommon to see people sending emails while at a child’s sporting event or taking a work call while in line at the grocery store. Not only are they no longer confined to a desk, but some companies will only provide part time “hotel” access to work stations. This ability to be mobile has become a requirement. With this change comes a greater risk for supporting business continuity at the individual’s level.

BYOD and Cost Control – Are they Mutually Exclusive?

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by John Adams, Senior Manager TEM

More companies than ever are allowing employees to use their own mobile devices (Bring Your Own Device – BYOD) and many companies are feeling the negative impact on their budgets.  IT departments are overrun with support requests across multiple platforms and operating systems and reports of security breaches and data loss are escalating.  Many companies are also decentralizing the management of mobility budgets away from their IT departments, which is driving higher costs through loss of visibility and oversight.

Apple’s Quiet Shot Across the Bow

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by Cory Pattison, Product Manager

Now that the dust has settled around the release of the new iPhone 5S and 5C, investors seemingly are not too impressed with “the best iPhone ever.” Apple’s stock was down roughly 5.5% on Wednesday and closed at a month low. Bright new colors, a better camera aperture, and even a cheaper model were not enough to impress Wall St. However, did Wall St. overlook the one feature that has the chance to revolutionize society? Apple has been able to rewrite the books on the Smartphone and the portable media industries, singlehandedly create the tablet market, and even been rumored to be setting its sights on the TV market. With this release, Apple launched a quiet shot across the bow of another major industry and put it on notice.

The Mobile Chaos

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by Rick Slawinski, Senior Sales Engineer

Mobile devices are complicated.  Not because of the device itself, those are easy, thanks to Apple & Google.  They are complicated because it interfaces and connects so many things in our lives.  They are personal as they keep us connected to our social circles.  They are varied and ever changing with new devices, features, speeds, updates and apps released weekly.  Costs aren’t straight forward due to device costs, plan costs, management costs, app costs, and mobile payment.  They make us more efficient but consume too much of our time.  They shorter our attention span and take us out of the moment but keep us connected to those around the world.

Is your FREE upgrade really FREE?

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The true costs of an upgrade
by Will Nankivell, Vice President Operations

Whether it’s JUMP, NEXT, or EDGE, the carriers are muddying the waters when it comes to device costs and upgrade eligibility.  We are currently experiencing a convenience upgrade being pushed in the personal market. Although it is sometimes perceived as free, it is not free and could pose quite a risk to your overall costs when it comes to the business market.  Beginning in 2011 the carriers toughened up the upgrade window for their business clients.  This changed from the standard one year eligibility to up to two full years.  Now in 2013, they offer unlimited upgrades for the personal market.  We must ask how this change will translate to the business market.

Mobile Marketing is Harder than it Looks

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by Alan Powell- SVP of Sales & Marketing

Recently, Movero went through a significant rebranding effort to better align its message to the marketplace.  Over the past 18 months, Movero’s strategy pivoted to focus more on the growing needs of mobility.  Consulting services are more in demand as is BYOD management and support, MDM advisement, installation and maintenance as well as vendor selection and guidance.  To that end, we updated our messaging and efforts to better reflect the actual work being performed by Movero.  During this rebranding effort, there was a change in our marketing department that gave me the opportunity to get more into the detailed decisions and project work required for an endeavor this size – lucky me.

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