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Blurred Lines – Mobile Theft and Carrier Profit – Are they the same?

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by Cory Pattison, Product Manager

The title for this posting would seemingly pose an easy question, but the big four U.S. wireless carriers have made an interesting decision which blurred the lines between the two choices. The carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile) and their trade association, CTIA, refused to adopt a “kill switch” that would allow owners to remotely brick their phone if it were ever stolen.

Apple and Samsung have attempted to incorporate new security features into their devices to deter theft, but Apple has had better luck because of their control over their devices. Since a majority of Samsung’s devices run Android, the carriers have been able to strip out any undesirable functionality before releasing them to the public, as they did this year with Samsung’s new antitheft software.

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