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Blurred Lines – Mobile Theft and Carrier Profit – Are they the same?

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by Cory Pattison, Product Manager

The title for this posting would seemingly pose an easy question, but the big four U.S. wireless carriers have made an interesting decision which blurred the lines between the two choices. The carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile) and their trade association, CTIA, refused to adopt a “kill switch” that would allow owners to remotely brick their phone if it were ever stolen.

Apple and Samsung have attempted to incorporate new security features into their devices to deter theft, but Apple has had better luck because of their control over their devices. Since a majority of Samsung’s devices run Android, the carriers have been able to strip out any undesirable functionality before releasing them to the public, as they did this year with Samsung’s new antitheft software.

‘Stipend’ous Idea

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by Alan Powell, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Our sales team has seen more interest in the last several months from enterprises looking for stipend capabilities.  This is interesting since we all have been reading about how BYOD is taking over the mobile enterprise deployment model world.  Enterprises are coming to their own conclusions about the models based on their experiences trying different options from corporate liable to individual liable to BYOD and even COPE (corporate owned personal liable).

Mayday, Mayday…

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 by Jason Uzzell, Vice President, Global Channel Business Development

Amazon’s new free tech support service branded Mayday is slick.  With one touch on a Kindle HDX an Amazon technical support agent pops up in a window.  You can see and communicate with them, but they cannot see you.  The agents can remotely control and draw on your device to help solve problems.  I recommend watching Lance Ulanoff’s review on for a more complete analysis:

Going to the Opera?

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By Will Nankivell, Vice President, Operations

Going to the Opera?

The Mobile Browser world continues to heat up.  Apple and Google are the kings of the market right now, but watch out for the Norwegians.  I am very impressed with Opera ( and Coast (for iPads). Opera claims to have 300 million users, not quite 10% market share, but still very impressive.  We know Microsoft has a long way to go still, but with Google’s share split up between the native Android browser and Chrome, will that leave room for Opera to make an even bigger move?

All I want for Christmas is a new Nexus 5

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by Channa Martin, Sr. Operations Manager-Service Desk

Like many folks, you may be looking for a change in venue from IOS.   It looks like Google with their unique Android platform and combined with LG’s solid devices have made this alternative.  With all the large number of devices out there this one gives the options of a smart phone at a much smarter price.  With the holidays right around the corner saving a few dollars while not skimping on the features is a value that one can just not miss out on.  You may want to consider a Nexus 5 in your stocking!

Technology changes and TEM inventory

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by Alan Powell, SVP of Sales and Marketing
I was invited to sit on a panel at the CCMI TEM National Summit this week where we discussed several TEM related topics impacting enterprises today.  One of these topics was the impending telecom migration from TDM to IP based networks.  Nerd alert – TDM is Time Division Multiplexing which has been around for many years as a standard for telephony and IP is Internet Protocol.  The big questions are: How will this migration impact our TEM?  What are the compelling drivers of this change?  What should enterprises do to plan ahead?

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