Do you have a clear and level headed mindset when addressing mobility initiatives? – by Marge Bieler

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This week I read a blog, created by Cult of Mac, regarding how one company made a multi-million dollar blunder when purchasing 14,000 iPads.  The error made by this company made me think about how so many organizations are betting on the use of iPads and smart phones to increase revenues and decrease costs.

If you have a mobile device deployment coming up, make sure support, security, policy, training, inventory management, asset tracking, contract management, invoice processing and bill payments are taken into consideration.  Otherwise, you may end up negatively impacting your bottom line.

Here are 10 questions to ask when addressing mobility initiatives:

  1. Do I have a procurement process in place when purchasing mobile devices?
  2. Do I have a mobility policy in place to address both Corporate Liable and BYOD Devices?
  3. Do the mobile devices address a specific problem or fill a specific need?
  4. How will each department and personnel be impacted by these devices and what level of access and support will they need?
  5. How will I mitigate security concerns?
  6. What type of training and support is needed for Corporate Devices or BYOD?
  7. How will I determine the success of the use and support of mobile devices?
  8. What type of pilot test plan can I develop to determine if devices and apps are easy to deploy, use and support?
  9. Do I have enough staff and level of expertise to efficiently and effectively support mobile devices being rolled-out to employees?
  10. Do I have enough accounts payable staff or IT staff to purchase devices,  review the bills, pay the bills, deactivate devices  and allocate to the correct cost center?

If you find you don’t have enough IT or accounts payable staff to effectively and efficiently deploy and monitor your mobile devices, then consider outsourcing these three areas:

  1. Mobility Management – procurement, provisioning, fulfillment and policy creation
  2. Client Services – end-user support, deployment projects, pilot testing, applications, MACD’s, warranty, hot swap and recycling
  3. Expense Management – inventory, asset and contract management, along with invoice processing and bill payment

Marge Bieler is Communications Knowledge Manager with Movero Inc.

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