Going to the Opera?

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By Will Nankivell, Vice President, Operations

Going to the Opera?

The Mobile Browser world continues to heat up.  Apple and Google are the kings of the market right now, but watch out for the Norwegians.  I am very impressed with Opera (Opera.com) and Coast (for iPads). Opera claims to have 300 million users, not quite 10% market share, but still very impressive.  We know Microsoft has a long way to go still, but with Google’s share split up between the native Android browser and Chrome, will that leave room for Opera to make an even bigger move?

I like the Opera browser.  It is quick, it is clean and I think it will push the others to continually get better.  But is it important anymore?  I ask this because, everything I see these days is about the next mobile app.  Enterprises are focusing on building their own internal and external app.  Will this marginalize the mobile browser?  So while the Mobile browser war heats up, will anyone care because, I think they might have an App for that.

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