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 by Jason Uzzell, Vice President, Global Channel Business Development

Amazon’s new free tech support service branded Mayday is slick.  With one touch on a Kindle HDX an Amazon technical support agent pops up in a window.  You can see and communicate with them, but they cannot see you.  The agents can remotely control and draw on your device to help solve problems.  I recommend watching Lance Ulanoff’s review on for a more complete analysis:’s Mayday innovation makes the Apple Genius seem like a service from the Stone Age.  After overcoming the challenge of locating an Apple Genius Bar, who  enjoys scheduling an appointment then trekking out to the store?  It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to the Mayday service.  Apple may argue their products are designed to be so easy to use that end users do not require a support service.  If consumers did not need support then I guess the Genius Bar would not exist?

Some of the short comings of Mayday include:

  • Kindle HDX is the only supported device at this time.
  • Only works over a WiFi network

There is also a concern that Amazon cannot scale the free service to support a consumer market and maintain a 15 second or less response time.  Amazon has overcome the challenges of scaling other businesses, so there is no reason to doubt them now.

I wonder if Apple will be willing to cut into their profits margins, which their investors enjoy, by offering a free service.  I am not confident an Apple without Steve Jobs will be able to create a more innovative service.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his team seem to have it done it again.  Mayday looks like a game changer like their Amazon Web Services offering

How does this relate to enterprise mobility?  I wonder if enterprises adopting the BYOD models will want end users turning to Amazon for tech support.  Will IT departments want an Amazon technical agent having full access to a device where their corporate data resides?

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