Big Data

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by Rick Slawinski, Sales Engineer

I’m pumped for October baseball.  It’s an exciting time for a great game. A game with a ton of stats.  Statistics, or data, is everywhere.  Not just batting averages and RBIs, but in our inbox, business reports and news.  There is even metadata or data about data; our call accounting software compiling our call log trends, Google and ISP’s tracking our internet and data usage for better marketing.  Last month, Airwatch even announced their plans for application data tracking both through their App Wrapper and SDK.

I Need it Yesterday.

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by Alan Powell, SVP Sales & Marketing

Dealing with your mobile workforce.

I can control my home temperature while driving back from vacation to cool it down before our arrival.  I receive an alert each time the door to my home is opened and get an image of the person walking through the door emailed to me instantly.  I can watch every second of the big game from the car, since we are running late again, while recording it just in case I want to relive a big play later.  I can get my dry cleaning managed by a valet who has it sent and hung in the closet of my hotel room on the day I arrive before the big meeting. 

Tick-Tock: Time to start thinking about securing the next wave of smart devices

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by Jason Uzzell, VP Global Channel Business Development

IT departments need to secure smartphones and tablets.  I am sure you heard that before.  It is an obvious norm that enterprises must secure their corporate data.  As a result numerous technology solutions exist to secure corporate and employee owned mobile devices.  The type of mobile devices downloading corporate data is going to be growing sooner than one may expect.  Have you stopped to take a hard look at these new smart watches?  Watch out (Bad pun intend) because they are real computing devices.

The Mobile Industry Continues to Gain the Camera Market Share

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by Channa Martin, Sr. Operations Mgr-Service Desk

The iPhone 5s has a good, sensible camera.

The Nikons and Canons of the world has seen an increase loss in market share to the mobile industry.  The iPhone 5s has the potential to increase the loss.  A dinky 8 megapixel camera in the newest and best iPhone ever seems like a bad move for Apple considering the behemoth 41 megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 and even the more conservative 13 megapixel Samsung Galaxy S4. However, most professional photographers will tell you that megapixels mean mega-nothing.

The Measures – Keeping your workforce connected

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by Jon Rahe, Senior Mgr -Procurement & Program Office

Today’s employees are working all hours of the day and night. It’s not uncommon to see people sending emails while at a child’s sporting event or taking a work call while in line at the grocery store. Not only are they no longer confined to a desk, but some companies will only provide part time “hotel” access to work stations. This ability to be mobile has become a requirement. With this change comes a greater risk for supporting business continuity at the individual’s level.

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