Sustainable Excellence is Possible during Paradigm Shifts… with a little Enterprise “Secret Sauce”! By Anne Muldowney Carpenter

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Today, technology planning and strategic services represent 35% of worldwide consulting spending. *

Business today depends on technology as never before – to drive transformation, productivity and global operations. Today’s Enterprise finds itself in an amazing time. It’s a continuum. On one end, there is an unprecedented opportunity for innovation. On the other end, there is an existential threat of disruption. So how should businesses respond? And who is best suited to lead that charge?  Are consultants today’s “secret sauce”?

In Marketing, Every Day is Groundhog Day! by Bill Brown, Second Sun Marketing

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 Groundhog Day reminds me that we have an opportunity to rise out of the day-to-day operations of our business and, like Punxsutawney Phil, look around to see what is happening. It also brings to mind the Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day (1993) and customer relationship strategy. You may wonder how are the two are related.

Are Your Green Credentials Up To Par? Movero can make this a hole in one for your Enterprise. by Anne Muldowney Carpenter

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No I’m not talking about golf, but rather consumer demand for green innovation when it comes to consumer electronics, specifically mobile devices. Movero recently tweeted about the number of mobile devices outnumbering the population of the planet by the end of 2014. While this is an exciting quote when it comes to technology innovation one must think about the responsible disposal of devices and ensuring promotion of greener living for sake of our planet.

Mobile Monday … A new frontier – by Marge Bieler

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  • Cyber Monday should be renamed Mobile Monday in my mind.  Cyber Monday was coined in 2005, when a shopping trade group noticed online sales spiked on the Monday following Thanksgiving.  Mobile Devices and its communication are changing the behavior in which people use communications platforms.   According to new stats from Experian Hitwise, Thanksgiving Day Web traffic was up 71% across the top 500 retail sites compared to the same time period last year AND many of the sales were made using mobile devices to access retail websites.

Let’s face it; the mobile phone is changing our behavior! Businesses need to ensure that the enterprise can manage mobile assets, secure applications and support end users, regardless if mobile devices are corporate or individually owned.

We all realize that mobile devices are allowing us to:

Surf’s up!… Join the Education Revolution- by Anne Muldowney Carpenter

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Tablet learning is a reality!

Yes indeed, Education tends to be an institution rooted in tradition, but that’s not the case when it comes to tablets devices in the classroom.  Tim Cook, Apple CEO, said, “the adoption of the iPad in education is something I’ve never seen before in any technology. In fact, during its quarterly earnings call in July, Apple announced that it sold 1M iPads to high schools and colleges, doubling its sales to schools during the same quarter a year ago.

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