Do you have a clear and level headed mindset when addressing mobility initiatives? – by Marge Bieler

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This week I read a blog, created by Cult of Mac, regarding how one company made a multi-million dollar blunder when purchasing 14,000 iPads.  The error made by this company made me think about how so many organizations are betting on the use of iPads and smart phones to increase revenues and decrease costs.

If you have a mobile device deployment coming up, make sure support, security, policy, training, inventory management, asset tracking, contract management, invoice processing and bill payments are taken into consideration.  Otherwise, you may end up negatively impacting your bottom line.

Here are 10 questions to ask when addressing mobility initiatives:

  1. Do I have a procurement process in place when purchasing mobile devices?

Mobile POS…. Fasten your seatbelt! – by Anne Muldowney Carpenter

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What does the future hold for mobile POS?  I lol for a moment … as this question takes me back to 1995 and my days as trade marketing manager for CNN.    I recall four of us meeting to debate if we should include CNN Interactive’s website information on print ads targeted to cable companies.  After much conversation we agreed to include on the print ad.   Now look at how things have unfolded over the years for both cable content providers and cable operators.

What’s Trending – by Rick Slawinski, Sales Engineer

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BYOD is the obvious major trend today, with MDM making it more easily implemented.  Whether it is used to offer a greater device options to your internal clients, giving a greater number of associates access or reduce hardware costs, every client we talk to has given some thought on how it would affect their environment.  Careful consideration must be given when crafting policy.  Key areas of consideration are:

  1. What device types and operation systems will be supported?  BYOD doesn’t have to mean ALL devices.

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