‘Stipend’ous Idea

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by Alan Powell, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Our sales team has seen more interest in the last several months from enterprises looking for stipend capabilities.  This is interesting since we all have been reading about how BYOD is taking over the mobile enterprise deployment model world.  Enterprises are coming to their own conclusions about the models based on their experiences trying different options from corporate liable to individual liable to BYOD and even COPE (corporate owned personal liable).

In my mind one size does not fit all, in particular for this instance .  A more practical approach is a blend of different models to accommodate the diverse employee roles in most enterprises.  It is tough to try and make any particular model match the entire enterprise when the needs of each department or team may be very different than another.

So how does the stipend model fit here you ask?  Well, the model has been around for awhile, but they were challenging to administer. The difference in the model now is that there are easier, programmatic ways to manage the process levering more sophisticated tools vs. the previous model was that it required manual intervention. These tools can give enterprises the flexibility they need to deploy the model(s) right for their employees.

The Stipend could prove beneficial to an organization if administered correctly.

The stipend model will allow enterprises to choose to pay for device hardware or part of an employee’s plan – just voice or just data, by redeeming coupon codes or identifiers that tell the tools what to do with charges that are specific to each employee.

As you can imagine, it is much easier to have the tools parse the charges into the appropriate files and process them into the payment stream.

Now all you have to do is create the right policy for your organization and deploy away.

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