Technology changes and TEM inventory

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by Alan Powell, SVP of Sales and Marketing
I was invited to sit on a panel at the CCMI TEM National Summit this week where we discussed several TEM related topics impacting enterprises today.  One of these topics was the impending telecom migration from TDM to IP based networks.  Nerd alert – TDM is Time Division Multiplexing which has been around for many years as a standard for telephony and IP is Internet Protocol.  The big questions are: How will this migration impact our TEM?  What are the compelling drivers of this change?  What should enterprises do to plan ahead?

There is no doubt that enterprises will have to migrate; it is simply a matter of time.  As Lisa Pierce from Gartner pointed out, the carriers have made their intentions clear when it comes to the legacy TDM networks; they want to sunset them soon.  While we can dive into a extremely detailed discussion on the alternatives and best solutions to solve this challenge, it highlighted a simple TEM related point that may not be so obvious; these services are simply assets when it comes to TEM.  Regardless of how technical (or not) your assets may be, they are still just another asset in your TEM inventory database.  Maybe you have an MPLS network, SIP trunking, have thousands of DID’s, blackberrys (yes they still exist), wireless routers, iphones, android devices, fax lines or alarm lines.  While some may be more technical or complex than others, they are all still simply another TEM inventory item that needs to be verified, base lined, inventoried and monitored by your TEM vendor.  Although we love to talk about all the new cool technologies and how disruptive they may be across your enterprise, all these new services are just yet another inventory selection in your TEM asset database.  I wish your enterprise migration was that simple.

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