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BYOD is the obvious major trend today, with MDM making it more easily implemented.  Whether it is used to offer a greater device options to your internal clients, giving a greater number of associates access or reduce hardware costs, every client we talk to has given some thought on how it would affect their environment.  Careful consideration must be given when crafting policy.  Key areas of consideration are:

  1. What device types and operation systems will be supported?  BYOD doesn’t have to mean ALL devices.
  2. Purchase of business critical devices vs. “preferred” tools.
  3. Who will be supported, to what extent (access, apps, how to, self-service) and how.Corporate security & end user Privacy including audit reporting.

These are the basics, but to stay out ahead of the ever changing mobile technology one must consider who is using the devices as well as how and why.  In most situations, email is still the leading app.  However, savvy users are quickly charging ahead by trial and error and sharing what they have gained in productivity with others.  An Internal Mobility Taskforce, will help you understand how various departments are using smartphones and tablets today and how they will use them in the future.  You will need their input to understand what security holes and liabilities lie out ahead of you.

As budget time approached, now is the time to pull from the knowledge of your mobility taskforce as you create a business case and budget for MDM as well as MAM (Mobile Application Management).  MDM will help you more easily secure and manage devices that are connecting to your environment and the data on them while MAM (or components of MDM) will help you deliver the tools your employees need to increase productivity.

With the dying PC & Laptop market, porting your existing applications and tools out to the mobile space is even more important.  Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms or MEAPs allow you to rapidly deploy and manage both your internal and external applications so your mobile employees can be truly mobile and you can stay connected to your customers.

Whether is it installing and configuring an MDM server, writing or updating wireless policy, facilitating your mobility taskforce meetings, supporting your ever growing end user base, or evaluating a MAM or MEAP provider, Movero’s Solution Consultants can help.

Rick Slawinski is a Sales Engineer with Movero Inc.

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